Thursday, June 30, 2011

Internet Solver July Updates

Welcome to the July 2011 issue of the Internet Solver Newsletter...

Learn about data security and save on upgrading your old firewall. Have a happy and safe holiday!

Security is Worth the Cost
Take your security seriously. Many small businesses find it inconceivable that someone would target their business or try to steal their valuable data. Unfortunately, this is furthest from the truth. Security has become the number one issue for IT environments in the past few years, thanks to online scams, vulnerability in software and networks using improper architecture.

As IT experts, we've come across small business systems that are so vulnerable that their accounting data is readily available on the Internet. Other systems have no anti-virus software or no malware protection, but plenty of insidious spyware working overtime, capturing everything from billing information to email passwords to bank accounts.

At one small business, we saw criminals use open ports to hack into security camera footage -- to plan a robbery. Spam, malware and viruses pave the way for a devastating security breach. Don’t let it happen to you.

Stop Viruses in Their Tracks
Upgrade your old firewall to a Next Generation firewall today and stop viruses in their tracks! Purchase a Fortigate firewall in the month of July and receive free setup and install -- contact Internet Solver today!

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