Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Are you getting what you are paying for?

Would you rather fight to get back over $40,000 or save that money by knowing that the bill you were paying was incorrect?

One of our new clients discovered a carrier had been charging them $1,400 per month for 2 1/2 years for a service that had been disconnected. Even if they are able to get a refund, it will be a long and painful process taking hours of staff time with no guarantee of results. We have found other clients with lines still active at previous office locations, incorrect features on lines, and combinations of features designed to cost more than functionally identical packages.

Part of the onboarding process we do with new clients is to go through all of their telephone and Internet bills to make sure they are accurate and reflect their current services. For clients that aren't on Internet Solver Digital Voice and Internet Service we recommend examining the bills every year.

Internet Solver offers complimentary bill reviews, even if you aren't currently a client, so you can be sure you are receiving the services that you have been paying for.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Are you really backed up?

I had a meeting with a potential customer last week that was proud of their tape drive and mentioned that they carefully swapped the tapes every day and took a copy offsite. They wanted to have someone look over things and make sure they were safe.

We were all surprised when I looked through the settings on their backup software and discovered that they had been carefully backing up a handful of their programs (not the data) as well as a two year old copy of their accounting data. The two tapes in their rotation were both over two years old and had never been replaced.

I corrected the backup routine to include the current accounting data so their current data files would also be included on the tapes but they didn't want to spend any time or money to make sure that their data was being backed up consistently or replace the tapes that were past their recommended lifespan.

There is a calculation that shows the approximate cost of downtime to your company. Divide your yearly sales by 260 (work days per year) to see how much each day of downtime costs you. If your yearly sales are $1,000,000, each day of outage costs you nearly $4,000 in lost revenue. This calculation does not include the costs of a complete loss of your data however. Imagine trying to recover your company after a disaster with no record of your accounts receivable.

We don't believe that a backup is actually a valid backup until it's used to restore files. Even a test restore to bring back a handful of files is better than waiting until you have a failure to find out that you actually don't have a copy of your critical data.

If you are unsure of the reliability or completeness of your backups,
contact Internet Solver now for a free evaluation.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Buying From Your Customers

I'm a big believer in buying from our customers whenever possible. We are continuing to move more and more of our purchases over to our customers.

We (Internet Solver or the staff) currently purchase our

from our clients. We think it's important to support the people that support us.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Important Security Update Coming Soon

Microsoft will be releasing an important update for Internet Explorer in the near future. It's very important to install it as soon as it's released because there are programming flaws in Internet Explorer that are being used to install malicious software on computers. More information on the problem is available at these sites:

Please install this update as soon as it's available. We also advise our clients to stop using Internet Explorer whenever possible and install and use the Mozilla web browser, available at

If you are concerned about keeping your data safe, Internet Solver offers our Complete Support Service to test and install these and other updates automatically as well as providing nightly backups and virus protection software.