Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy (Belated) Birthday!

Internet Solver celebrated our 7th birthday in September 2009. We've changed quite a bit from me working alone in my basement with nothing but a computer, a cell phone, and a fax machine. I had a handful of clients and still have the ones I started with.

We have continued to grow by leaps and bounds throughout the years. Every day our Internet service is used by tens of thousands of people throughout the state, both for enjoyment and for business. In just the last couple years we've provided our Digital Voice service for hundreds of customers.

One of the constants at Internet Solver is improvement, both in honing our skills and adding new products to our mix. Throughout 2009 our Complete Support has provided hundreds of employees access to a well trained help desk, nightly backups, and virus protection.

Technology isn't something that I just stumbled into, I've been working with computers and telephones since floppy disks and rotary dials were commonplace. For a look back in time, I have dug out an article from hometown paper from 17 years ago.

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