Sunday, March 8, 2009

(Not) Saving money by buying direct

One question we get from our clients is why they should purchase their Dell equipment from us versus calling and ordering or going to to order what they need. The short answer is that in every case whatsoever we've been able to provide the same equipment to our clients at a lower cost or upgraded equipment for the same cost.

For a point of comparison, we ordered some fairly standard desktops for a client at the end of last year. The customer tried to 'save money' by getting a quote directly from Dell. It was $850 per machine not including shipping. We were able to provide them delivered for $750 per machine. It's an even larger difference for a larger quantity, more expensive computers, or servers.

Dell pricing (like many businesses) is based on customer sales volume. We order $200K-250K of Dell equipment per year and receive much better price breaks than any of our customers would get themselves.

Please contact us to see how we can use our buying power to lower the cost of your network.

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